Outgoing SMTP Servers

Your Outgoing (SMTP) Server is used for sending emails. Your internet service provider (ISP) will supply you with the server name.

Here is a list of the most common Outgoing servers

  • For Telkom ADSL, outgoing server is smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net or smtp.saix.net
  • For Telkom Analogue Dial Up, use smtp.saix.net or smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net
  • For 8TA (Eita), the outgoing server is smtp.saix.net
  • For MWEB ADSL, outgoing server is smtp.mweb.co.za or smtp.mweb.net
  • For Vodacom 3G, outgoing server is smtp.vodamail.co.za or smtp.vodacom.co.za
  • For MTN 3G, the outgoing server is mail.mtn.co.za
  • For Cell C the outgoing server is mail.cmobile.co.za
  • For Iburst, outgoing server is smtp.iburst.co.za
  • For I.S. ADSL the outgoing server is smtp.isdsl.net
  • For I.S. 3G the outgoing server is smtp.isgsm.netor smtp.dial-up.net
  • For goggaconnect outgoing server is smtp.vodamail.co.za or smtp.vodacom.co.za
  • For Neotel, outgoing server is smtp.neomail.co.za
  • For ABSA, outgoing server is smtp.absamail.co.za or mail.absa.co.za
  • For @lantic (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) : smtp.lantic.net
  • For Nexus ADSL : smtp.isdsl.net
  • For NetActive (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) : smtp.netactive.co.za
  • For Polka (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) : smtp.polka.co.za
  • For Web Africa (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) : smtp.wa.co.za
  • For Afrihost (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) use smtp.afrihost.co.za
  • For Vox : smtp.lantic.net
  • For Cybersmart : smtpauth2.cybersmart.co.za or smtp.cybersmart.co.za
  • For Nokia/OVI : smtp.mail.ovi.com or smtp.mail.yahoo.com